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The Mason Jar offers a variety of authentic coffee beverages, such as lattes and classic drips, along with

Adjustments of Cheney local businesses

By Emily Driskel, Reporter October 6, 2020

In past years, move-in weekend for EWU has allowed new students to check out the town of Cheney, wandering through the local restaurants and the campus mall. Returning students have been able to meet up...

Graphic of Cheney catalyst building .

A catalyst for change

By Karlee Van De Venter, Reporter September 30, 2020

For over two years, construction has been underway for the new Catalyst Building on EWU’s Spokane campus. On September 17, the completed building was unveiled to the world through a live-streamed grand...

The early stages of a Silent Sky. Silent Sky came to EWU in March, 2020.

EWU theater gears up for an all-Zoom fall performance

By Ben Blakney, Technology Director September 29, 2020

“She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms” is the theatrical experiment EWU Director Jeff Sanders has decided upon for our new socially-distanced-learning fall quarter. This year, alongside many new theater...

The Zip's in Cheney

Cheney businesses reopen during Phase 2

By Aaron Hutchinson, Reporter June 8, 2020

  Several Cheney-area businesses are back open during Phase 2 of Washington’s four-phase reopening plan.   Phase 2 allows restaurants, hair/nail salons and retail stores to reopen with some...

west plains

West Plains Roasters continues to serve community

By Emily Driskel, Reporter June 8, 2020

Before the pandemic caused the community to practice social distancing, West Plains Roasters in Cheney was able to seat many people in their lobby. Walking inside, people are seen chatting with friends...

Some future and current EWU students are unsure where to live next year due to uncertainty caused by COVID.

Lease signing uncertainty potential byproduct of COVID-19

By Lauren Reichenbach, Copy Editor June 5, 2020

Disclaimer: Jacob Kinswa, one of the sources interviewed for this story, is the brother of Randle Kinswa, The Easterner's news editor. Randle Kinswa was not involved in the reporting, writing or editing...

EWU students share online midterm experience

EWU students share online midterm experience

By Ben Blakney, Reporter June 5, 2020

  EWU, as the quarter has progressed, has continued to facilitate online learning. All tests, quizzes, and assignments are newly formatted for distance learning. However, the testing environments...

The Cheney Safeway is one of many grocery stores that have had to make COVID-19-related guidelines for their customers and employees.

How are students pursuing summer jobs?

By Emily Driskel, Reporter June 1, 2020

  Summer is finally approaching. People are starting to make summer plans, going out to the lake and spending more time outside. Applying for summer jobs has also been a thought on students’...

The video calling platforms EWU students prefer

The video calling platforms EWU students prefer

By Star Dragon, Reporter June 1, 2020

Students are using video calls to fulfill their work. Video calling platforms allow students to be able to collaborate as if they were in person, but remain socially distanced.  EWU has chosen to use...

Money saved after moving out of dorms

Money saved after moving out of dorms

By Emily Driskel, Reporter May 25, 2020

  Many students’ experience of living in the dorms was shortened when EWU President Mary Cullinan announced the switch to online classes in March. Students faced the decision of whether to finish...

EWU’s virtual symposium to celebrate student achievement

EWU’s virtual symposium to celebrate student achievement

By Aaron Hutchinson, Reporter May 22, 2020

  Students from EWU will begin presenting their projects, albeit virtually this year, at The Student Research and Creative Works Symposium on May 27. Held annually, The Student Research and...

A screenshot of Canvas's help tab.

Tips for taking advantage of all the Canvas resources

By Ben Blakney, Reporter May 19, 2020

  EWU students are no strangers to the web program Canvas, but are EWU students using Canvas to its full potential?  The Easterner spoke with James Johnson, senior director for Eastern Online,...

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