As a mother and an EWU professor…


Emily Powers

Mother and daughter dances to the music at Mayfest.

By Isaiah Gessner, Co-Managing Editor

Mother’s day is a day where children get to celebrate their moms, partners get to do something extra for the women in their lives, and people everywhere get to share their appreciation for the women who left a positive mark on them. 

For many mothers, they find their balance in being parents at home while still finding ways to make time for their own work and duties outside of the home. Oftentimes, it can be difficult to find a way to maintain structure in those things. However, it is always worth it.

EWU professor Jessica Boyer is a mother of an upcoming one year old baby girl and stated that “It can be challenging juggling multiple priorities, but thankfully I work for a great department (…) I also think it’s important to prioritize and invest your time on what really matters.”

Boyer also added on the fact that her own mother is her role model in motherhood. “She was such a loving and involved mother to me growing up (…)  she recently moved to Cheney from Seattle to be closer to us and help watch our daughter while my husband and I teach. I truly don’t know how we would do it without her.”

“They sprint toward me yelling “MOMMY!”” -Sonja Durr, Professor of Visual Communication Design

EWU professor Sonja Durr is a mother to two children of her own under the age of 5 while still making time for work full-time at Eastern. Her favorite thing about being a mother is watching her kids constantly change and grow while still holding onto that loving aspect towards their mother. 

“The fact that they sprint toward me yelling “MOMMY!” every time I enter the room is very gratifying.” says Durr.

When giving advice to new mothers, Durr went on to state that “There is not one right way to parent, even if mommy blogs imply as much.” explaining that it’s essential for people to handle motherhood in whatever way they deem as fit. There is no such thing as a perfect model when handling something as complex as motherhood.

Mother’s Day may only happen once a year. However, the duties of a mother last a lifetime. So while you have the opportunity, remember to thank the women in your life who have helped put you into the position you’re at.