Ways to make the best of Giving Joy Day


Courtesy of EWU's Facebook page

Donation jar set up for Giving Joy Day. Much of the money raised on Nov. 27, 2018 will go toward student scholarships.

By Keri Kelly, Co-Managing Editor/Web Director

Today is an important day for all EWU students and faculty. As stated by Interim President David May in his campus email, “It is the day when we pause to really reflect on the accomplishments of our students and our university. It is the day we celebrate all of the amazing faculty and staff who work every day to prepare our students to be tomorrow’s leaders, ready to face the challenges of today and tomorrow.”

Giving Joy Day traditionally is a day in which alumni and community members donate to the EWU Strong Scholarship Fund. All faculty and students are encouraged to donate to the fund to change a student’s life!

Most college students may want to participate in small ways. Here are some easy ideas on how to spread joy to the EWU community on campus:

  1. Say hello to someone new on campus
  2. Thank your professors after class
  3. Compliment someone in the PUB
  4. Sit with a person who is sitting alone
  5. Invite a stranger to play cards (if you have some on hand!)
  6. Purchase a peer’s bagel at Einstein’s Bagels
  7. Smile at people as you walk past them on campus

Students also have the opportunity to get free Eagle Store swag by following the EWU Dean of Student’s Instagram account. Community members may nominate a friend to enter the contest.

Traditionally the student body celebrates Giving Joy Day by tabling in the PUB on campus. Many clubs and students tend to wander the campus. In 2019, students wore signs that read “free hugs” and last year EWU lead several social media opportunities to participate. Giving Joy Day is simply about giving joy to other students. Check out the EWU campus to see what is going on this year!