Faculty/staff of the year: Stacey Reece


Stacey Reece, director of SAIL, poses for The Easterner's first faculty/staff of the Year award. "It's just an honor that someone recognizes that you try to do your best and support students in the best way possible," Reece said.

By Dylan Harris, News Editor

Our inaugural Eag of the Year awards recognize three members of EWU who have gone above and beyond to represent the campus community. One scholar, one athlete and one staff/faculty member. The awards, which were voted on by students from various organizations on campus, were given to nominees who adhered to the following, based on EWU’s five core values: quality, inclusiveness, integrity, collaboration and student-centered.

Stacey Reece loves EWU.

As a first-generation college student, Reece didn’t always know what she was doing during her school years. But now, as director of Student Activities Involvement Leadership at EWU, she helps students who pass through the pillars make the most of their time at her alma mater.

“Whatever I can do to help guide students, mentor them, help build their resilience,” Reece said. “That’s the approach to everything we do here.”

As director of SAIL, Reece oversees Clubs and Organizations, Eagle Entertainment, Sorority and Fraternity Life and much more. Her job is centered around students and helping them grow and become more involved during their times at EWU. As a mentor, a leader, a role model and a friend, Reece’s impact is felt by many in the EWU community.

“Stacey seeks out the best in people and offers us critical feedback that helps us student workers grow every day,” said Shelby Sherman, chair of Eagle Entertainment. “Her commitment and understanding of this university makes her such a special resource in the SAIL office and for everyone else as well.”

Supporting students

Reece was nominated for Eag of the Year by Angelina DeGrazia, SAIL’s graduate assistant for Sorority and Fraternity Life.

Richard N. Clark IV
Graduate student Angelina DeGrazia (left) with Stacy Reece, director of SAIL. DeGrazia nominated Reece for Eag of the Year because “she’s an Eagle through and through.”

“There’s no one else I could think to be more deserving, who’s more dedicated to our community,” DeGrazia said. “She’s an Eagle through and through.”

Reece’s dedication to putting students first requires some sacrifices, DeGrazia says.

“She is all in it for the students,” DeGrazia said. “I know that Stacey works well over 40 hours every single week. She’s here early in the morning, she’s here until sometimes 9 o’ clock at night, 11 o’ clock at night. … She gives her 110% to this campus.”

Whatever I can do to help guide students, mentor them, help build their resilience. That’s the approach to everything we do here.”

— Stacey Reece, director of SAIL

These long hours and other sacrifices come at a cost, specifically limiting the time Reece can spend at home with her family. But Reece, being the adept juggler of responsibilities that she is, finds ways to make it work. Even as a student having her first son grow up with her sorority, Reece has always made it a point to involve her family in the EWU community.

“Every aspect of my career involves my family, because I spend more time here than I sometimes do with my family,” Reece said.

Reece has worked at EWU for almost 18 years, and while much of her job consists of working with students, her efforts haven’t gone unnoticed by administrators.

“She cares passionately about students—and she happily says ‘yes’ when asked to lead a project or participate in an event,” EWU President Mary Cullinan said in a statement to The Easterner. “She embodies the Eagle ‘can do’ spirit. I’m delighted she’s receiving this award.”

A big part of why DeGrazia nominated Reece is her involvement in student events. Not only does Reece help plan student-led events, she volunteers at and attends as many as she can. DeGrazia says this benefits students because they can see her participating in the same events they are and get to know her on a more personal level. DeGrazia says Reece is always listening to students’ opinions.

“Stacey and I went to Full Circle Rescue together for the Greek Week service event in 2018, and she got to know and learn more about the greek students, what they care about and why they joined,” DeGrazia said.

Reece said she is proud and honored to be named for the award.

“It’s just an honor that someone recognizes that you try to do your best and support students in the best way possible. … You hope whatever you do in this position makes an impact.”