Raising a pint to occupational therapy

By Sam Jackson, Copy Editor

Who knew that learning about the service of occupational therapy could be fun and include beer.

The EWU Student Occupational Therapy Association is hosting its Pint Night fundraiser on April 11 at Bellwether Brewing in Spokane from 3-9 p.m. SOTA will receive $1 from each pint sold during the fundraiser, and the event will include adaptive games related to occupational therapy.

“A big part of what SOTA is is fundraising and community involvement,” Bonnie Bair, a student on the fundraising committee with SOTA said.

Fundraising events by SOTA, like Pint Night, support the American Occupational Therapy Association Conference and Expo that students in the EWU occupational therapy program attend each year, according to Bair.

SOTA contributes 10% of its budget to helping community programs. This year SOTA donated to the Hope House, Second Harvest and Para Sport, to name a few. Additionally, funding will go toward the pinning ceremony students have to celebrate graduating from the two-year program.

The first Pint Nights were from March 21-23. SOTA teamed up with Mountain Lakes Brewing Company in Spokane. According to Bair, the goal was not just to raise money but to increase awareness about what occupational therapy is and how it can serve people.

“There’s kind of a dual purpose to it, (being) education and making money,” said Bair.

The adaptive games at Pint Night will demonstrate how people with impairments can use tools and other methods to still be able to participate in games.

“(For instance) playing a game of Jenga might be difficult for some who have had a spinal injury,” Bair said. “So they’re not able to grasp, or their hand is kind of stuck in a position. So, they’re able to use a tool … Like using a chopstick or something to push the piece out.”

At the previous Pint Nights, SOTA organized games of Jenga and stacking dice using chopsticks and salad tongs. People also played darts while wearing vision impairment goggles.

“There were some goggles to kind of simulate diabetic retinopathy, and so to show just what it looks like and that it’s really hard to see out of those goggles,” Bair said.

The association intends to include adaptive games like these at the next Pint Night on April 11.

The previous Pint Nights raised a total of $186. Bair said the focus of Pint Night isn’t necessarily about money, but it is about bringing awareness to occupational therapy and business to the brewing company. At the next event, members of SOTA will educate attendees about the purpose and definition of occupational therapy.

Bellwether Brewing is located at 2019 N. Monroe St. Pints run from $5 to $7 with a rotating tap, according to brewery’s website. For more information on SOTA, and the organization’s events, go to the SOTA page on Eagle Sync.