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“Everything Sucks”

Set in the 1990s in the town of Boring, Oregon, “Everything Sucks” is a drama-comedy detailing the lives of teenagers in Boring. While on the surface level the show may seem light, the writing is deep and touches on real-life situations we face growing up including sexuality, bullying and yearning for acceptance. The premise of the show is set around the A/V (audio/visual) club teaming up with the Drama club to produce a school movie. This coming-of-age show will hit you right in your feelings—trust me, the nostalgia is real. – Logan Stanley


“The Frankenstein Chronicles”

This historical fiction crime drama takes the Victorian Era to a whole new gritty level. John Marlott, played by Sean Bean, is a former soldier and current policeman hired to investigate the appearance of a body that washed up on the shores near London — body put together from the mismatched parts of children. “The Frankenstein Chronicles” takes a deeper look at the seedy politics of 19th-century England, following the intrigue, deceit, and murder centered around the budding medical sciences. – Andrew Watson

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