Editors’ Picks

By The Easterner, Editorial Board


Mindhunter is a TV drama based on the true crime book Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit. It is set in the late 70’s, as the FBI was beginning research in criminal psychology and profiling. The show’s main characters interview serial killers to learn how they think, in hopes of helping solve ongoing and future cases. Season One is available on Netflix, while a second season has already been confirmed. – Micheal Brock


The Blackbird

The local food trend has finally hit the Spokane area. Many people are looking for a gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian option featuring local produce. It is not just a Southern Californian trend anymore. The Blackbird is located in downtown Spokane near Gonzaga University and the Spokane Arena. The Blackbird has a unique menu featuring local farm products from Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. The Blackbird opened its doors in 2015 as a tavern and kitchen serving farm-to-table cuisine. Stop by for a healthy and trustworthy alternative. – Amanda Haworth



Coco, a Disney Pixar movie, was the winner of the Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature, and let me tell you it deserved it. Little Miguel is the main character and Coco is his great grandmother. Despite his family’s generations of banning music, Miguel dreams of becoming an accomplished musician like his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz. On his journey to prove his talent, Miguel finds himself in the stunning and colorful Land of the Dead. He then meets Héctor and they embark on an extraordinary journey to discover the real story behind Miguel’s family history. – Dayana Morales