Editors’ Picks

By The Eastern, Editorial Board

“The Howard Stern Show”

There is a reason Howard Stern is known as ‘the King of All Media,’ he is the greatest broadcaster ever. When you have to drive from Spokane Valley to Cheney three days a week, you need something to keep you entertained and happy. His show is available exclusively on Sirius XM Monday-Wednesday mornings. His interviews are the most in depth and psychological out there, and the show itself is always entertaining. Check out the movie “Private Parts” about his life to learn how he got to where he is. – Josh Fletcher


“The Athletic”

The sports media outlet began in 2016 and started out exclusively in the cities of Cleveland, Toronto and Chicago. Now The Athletic has expanded nationwide, including San Francisco, New York City and Dallas Fort-Worth. The Athletic is a subscription-based news site, starting out at $3.99 per month for a one-year subscription. The hook? No advertisements and no auto-play videos. In today’s clickbait world, The Athletic offers unique and analytical coverage hard to find on the web. – Logan Stanley