Police Beat: November 28, 2012

Police Beat: November 28, 2012

Nov. 15
Two female students in Pearce Hall got into a fight. One of the girls forced her way into the other student’s room. She is being referred to the county prosecutor for trespassing charges.

Nov. 16
A student’s jacket was stolen from a locker at the URC. EWU police are in the process of reviewing security tapes.

Nov. 17
12:10 a.m.
Minor in possession
Three male students were reported for fighting near the URC. Two of the students were contacted and officers noticed, in addition to being covered in mud and blood, that they were both highly intoxicated. Both students were underage and cited with an MIP.

1:37 a.m.
Agency assist
EWU police assisted Cheney police with a man who was fighting officers and resisting arrest. The man was not a student and was arrested for resisting and for a warrant.

Nov. 18
1:35 a.m.
Noise complaint
A neighbor complained about loud music coming from a house on West Fifth Street. Officers contacted the occupants and they turned down the music. No arrests were made.

4 a.m.
Community caretaking
An officer observed an intoxicated and disoriented male who was not a student, walking through the campus mall. He was helped to the bus stop he was looking for.

7:22 p.m.
A student in Morrison Hall reported that his bike had been stolen from outside his dorm sometime between Nov. 16 and 18. It is described as a vintage maroon-colored “Free Spirit” bicycle.

Nov. 19
8:22 a.m.
A female student reported that a former boyfriend entered her residence at the Townhouse Apartments, confronted her and left. No arrests have been made.

1:50 p.m.
A female student reported a suspicious check that she received while trying to find a job through the website Care.com. The check turned out to be reported as stolen from another state. Three students have reported over the last two weeks that they were contacted through this website to cash a suspicious check or take part in what they deemed a suspicious activity.

Nov. 20
2:30 a.m.
Marijuana violation
An officer noticed a male student in a car in lot 16. Upon further inspection it was found that he was smoking pot while wrapped up in a blanket in the back of the car with his laptop. He was cited for possession of marijuana.

2 p.m.
A man from Spokane reported that his laptop had been stolen and he believed it was being sold online by an EWU student. Officers set up an operation to see if it was the same laptop, but it belonged to the student.

Nov. 21
11:49 a.m.
Community caretaking
Community advisers in Morrison Hall reported that a bike was locked to a pipe and was blocking an exit. The lock was cut and the bike was taken into into the custody of the community advisers until the owner is found.

2 p.m.
A female student reported that she had been sexually assaulted three to four months ago. She did not want to press charges but did seek counseling.

Nov. 25
1:45 a.m.
Suspended Licence
An EWU officer was out on a DUI emphasis patrol in Airway Heights and arrested a driver who was driving on a suspended license.

Nov. 26
Suspicious activity
A male was reported for sleeping in the PUB. The Davenport police had issued a warrant for his arrest on the charges of assault, but he was not arrested because he could not be transported to a prison. He was not a student and was asked to leave.

1:41 a.m.
Alcohol violation
Four students on the ninth floor in Pearce Hall were cited with an MIP.