Family Day brings Cheney and EWU together


Keri Kelly

The crowd was lead in some cheers by the young cheer squad. (Photo edits by Emily Powers)

By Keri Kelly, Co-Managing Editor

Children screamed “Go Eags!” from the stands as the football team scrimmaged on the field. Parents cheered and EWU students mingled in the crowd.

This Saturday EWU held two family events. One of which was a football scrimmage between the EWU football team. They competed against each other as the red team, and the white team.

Children were given opportunities to participate in the game, such as leading the crowd in cheers. The cheerleaders assisted in coaching the children in the cheers.

The families who attended the event said that their children love the activities.

Leslie enjoys the football game with her kids. Children are invited to participate in on-field activities. (Photo edits by Emily Powers) (Keri Kelly)

“The coach here puts on a few clinics,” said Leslie, one of the mothers. “They love it.”

She comes to family day every year to participate with her children.

After the game in which the red team dominated the white team 39-15, fans were invited to rush the field and get autographs from the players.

Even though family day is put on for Cheney locals, it still retains popularity amongst students. Several students attended the game, and more intend to go to the casino event that evening.

However, many students felt that family day needed to be advertised more. They expressed a lack of knowledge on campus, and that showed in the numbers of students who attended the game. The majority of the crowd was made up of Cheney parents.

Aaron Best gives a final send-off to the team after the scrimmage. (Photo edits by Emily Powers) (Keri Kelly)

For most students, familial visits occur during October. Thus, family day turned into a “hanging with friends” day.

“A small handful of students know about it. Their family is probably in Spokane,” said Joe Hamilton, a junior. “My family lives on the other side of the state.”

Swoop dances with the families on the field. (Photo edits by Emily Powers) (Keri Kelly)