Basketball hits a wall while PLAY4KAY sponsors women’s games

Linton Acliese III performs a pass against MSU on Jan. 27. EWU lost the game 65-69.

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Linton Acliese III performs a pass against MSU on Jan. 27. EWU lost the game 65-69.

By Randle Kinswa, Managing Editor

EWU Men’s Basketball:

The EWU Men’s basketball team went 1-4 on their five game road trip that rounded out the last week of Jan. and first week of Feb. EWU won their first game of the road trip, against the Idaho State Bengals, 89-63. 

EWU would then travel to the Blue Sky state and play both Montana State University, and the University of Montana. EWU lost both games by a margin of six points. A 65-69 loss to MSU, and a 59-61 loss to the Montana Grizzlies. EWU would then travel to first-place Weber State, where they would lose another close game, 84-90. The last game of the two-week road trip ended with a loss to Southern Utah University, 72-84. 

Over the course of the five-game road trip, EWU would average 73.8 points per game, and would allow 73.4 points per game.

EWU’s leading scorers for the 2021-22 season are: Sophomore guard Steele Venters (16.6 points per game); Senior forward Linton Acliese III (15.8 points per game); Senior guard Rylan Bergerson (13.2 points per game); Senior forward Angelo Allegri (11.4 points per game). 

The EWU men’s basketball team’s next game will be a rematch against the first-place Weber State Wildcats at Reese Court on Feb. 10. Tipoff is at 6 p.m.

Jacinta Buckley led EWU with 12 points and 10 rebounds in EWU’s loss to SUU on Feb. 5 (EWU Archives)

EWU Women’s Basketball:

Over the course of the five-game road trip that the men’s team was on, the EWU women’s team had a three-game homestretch. The EWU women’s team would go 0-3 on their homestead to end the month of Jan.

In the first two games EWU played Northern Arizona University, and Montana State University. EWU lost the game to NAU, 54-69, and would lose their second game, 55-65. 

The third game EWU played was against Southern Utah University on Feb. 5. The game against SUU, was a sponsored PLAY4KAY game. PLAY4KAY, is a nationally-recognized organization that receives donations and grants in order to help fight the many cancers women in the present-day face. PLAY4KAY has received $7.78 million dollars to help in the fight against cancer. *It is still unknown how much was raised at the EWU game on Feb.5

Link to the PLAY4KAY official website: Home – Kay Yow Cancer Fund

EWU would lose the game against SUU 38-55. 

EWU’s leading scores on the season are: Freshman guard Jaydia Martin (14.3 points per game); Sophomore guard Jacinta Buckley (11.8 points per game); Freshman wing Jaleesa Lawerence (8.9 points per game). 

The EWU’s women’s basketball team will play their next game at Weber State on Feb. 10. Tipoff is at 6 p.m.