Becki Kimball: Manager Extraordinaire

JFK Library | EWU website

JFK Library | EWU website

By Aiden Cook, Reporter

As the pandemic raged through the 2020-21 school year, many businesses across the country were forced to cut back, causing mass laying off. Thomas Hammer Coffee was no exception. 

Due to the lack of students on campus and decreased foot traffic through EWU’s JFK Library, Thomas Hammer Coffee was reduced to a single employee: Becki Kimball.

Kimball does it all at. Manager, barista, you name it, Kimball covers it from day to day. Everyday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., Kimball’s there taking charge. 

While most businesses have had negative experiences with the COVID-19 pandemic, Kimball was nothing but positive about the eye-opening experience.

“It’s a really amazing opportunity to have it be this quiet,” said Kimball. “I get time to talk to people and really enjoy getting to know my customers.”

Because of this, she’s also been able to talk one-on-one with students and even hire some of them along the way. Kimball plans to build her crew from the ground up, and has already begun hiring in anticipation for the upcoming fall quarter.

EWU Police Department s K-9 officer Hilani posing with a coffee cup in the JFK Library at Thomas Hammer Coffee. Coffee with a Cop is intended to bridge the gap between police officers and civilians. (Bailey Monteith)

“We just really want to be there for Eastern,” said Kimball. “We’re incredibly appreciative of our customers that have been so loyal and supportive of us during this time. With the lack of options on campus, I’m glad we’re able to provide a small bit of normalness in their daily routine.”

It’s students that help keep businesses like this on campus alive. Despite the lack of students on campus during this school year, many businesses such as Thomas Hammer Coffee and Einstein Bros Bagels were able to stay afloat because of the dedicated and supportive students on campus. 

“Thank you to everyone for coming in, brightening my day and allowing me to be here,” said Kimball. “It’s been a very rewarding experience both personally and professionally and I look forward to our future.”

Thomas Hammer Coffee operates weekdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the JFK Library.