Editorial: Recapping the past week (in case you lost track of the days)

By Drew Lawson, Sports Editor

Eight days ago, EWU announced it was canceling in-person commencement and moving the June 13 ceremony to a virtual interaction. It was the latest hit to an infinite number of events both in Cheney and worldwide that have been shut down due to COVID-19. 

What else happened since I last sat at my computer and punched out an editorial?

ESPN began its five-week, 10-episode series of “The Last Dance,” a documentary on Michael Jordan and his last season with the Chicago Bulls. It was a welcome sight for sports fans like myself who are desperately craving athletic content. (No, that awkward and boring 2k tournament between NBA players didn’t count.)

Political tensions, conspiracy theories and frustrations continued to swirl throughout America and the world, as some called for a re-opening of the economy while others continued to strive for a shutdown to stop the rise of COVID-19 cases. 

Rain began to fall in Cheney as the bizarre weather pattern of the Inland Northwest continued.

And as I typed this article, two pet cats in New York tested positive for COVID-19.

Finally, The Easterner continued to punch out articles online, with nine new stories going up at the beginning of the week. 

News editor Randle Kinswa wrote a feature on the final two ASEWU presidential candidates, Lloyd Dees and Reilly Responte. Dees and Responte will take part in the presidential debate on April 23. 

I talked to several former EWU players who are hoping to earn a chance at making an NFL roster this week at the NFL Draft. The Draft runs virtually from April 23-25. 

Copy editor Lauren Reichenbach combed the internet for various workout options and tips students can do while quarantined. There are some tips that will leave you shocked! (Sorry, I saw a BuzzFeed article pop up and switched my writing brain to that mode.)

News reporter Star Dragon offered tips for how students can avoid cabin fever while stuck in quarantine. Hint: Yelling on the steps of the state capitol building and declaring that COVID-19 is a hoax invented by the government is not among the tips. Dragon is also continuing to update our weekly EWU Covid-19 timeline

Arts and features reporter Karlee Van De Venter continued to bring the good news as she shared the story of EWU police creating masks for the campus community. The police have been doing this on their own time, which is a great example of the good shining through the darkness.

Reporter Aaron Hutchinson shared the rather bleak economic outlook EWU is facing amidst the COVID-19 crisis. He also wrote a feature on the Writer’s Center and the services they’re offering virtually. 

Reporter Ben Blakney continued to crush the online learning beat, talking to several students about their experience during the transition to online work. Blakney is currently working on an article about how the IT department has had to adjust this quarter. 

It’s been oft-reported in The Easterner that only 200 students are currently living on campus, but what has life been like for those forced to move out of the dorms and back home? Reporter Emily Driskel talked to several students in this situation. 

Reichenbach also wrote our entertainment review last week on the disastrous situations discussed in “The Tiger King.” Blakney is up to bat this week, writing a review of “Parasite.”

As usual, all the graphics were created by co-managing editor/multimedia director Malati Powell and timely photos were taken by Mckenzie Ford

Stay tuned as we continue to produce stories each weekday. It’s truly our pleasure and privilege to do what we do, and we appreciate all the continued support we get as the world goes crazy.