How to stay in shape while quarantined

By Lauren Reichenbach, Copy Editor

With the URC closed for the rest of the academic year, many students are trying to find the best home workouts to stay in shape and keep their spirits up while quarantined.

The Easterner took to the internet to find some great home workouts that are doable even if they don’t have any gym equipment at home.

According to a GQ interview with Gunnar Peterson, the Los Angeles Lakers’ director of strength and endurance, workouts without equipment should usually be done with minimal rest between reps for the best results. Peterson gives this workout to most of his clients, recommending repeating each exercise between five to ten times:

  • 10 body-weight squats
  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 supermans
  • 20 crunches

Ngo Okafor, a body transformation specialist, told GQ that he adds some at-home items to his workout for a slightly bigger challenge.

  • Run a towel under the seat of a standard, four-legged chair and lift the chair with the towel to do bicep curls
  • Set the chair down and use it to do tricep dips
  • Use the chair again and do sets of step-ups (use chairs that do not roll)

Okafor suggests doing 10-20 reps for each of those exercises, then finishing up the workout with some bicycle crunches and mountain climbers. He says resting when needed is fine, but students should make sure to keep their heart rate up.

Dylan Paulus

Many gyms have turned to hosting classes online amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Some gyms and personal trainers have decided to offer free online classes, understanding that times are difficult and many people really need a mood-boosting workout.

Planet Fitness has announced it will be hosting live, 20-minute workout classes everyday at 7 p.m. EST on their Facebook page. Anyone is able to tune into these, whether they were previously a member of Planet Fitness or not, and all classes are free of charge.

Lululemon will be on Instagram Live every day, with sessions covering all kinds of workouts. The Nike Training Club’s premium version of its app is now free for users. The ASICS studio app is now free as well, offering bodyweight workouts, yoga, great workout playlists and more. Reebok is uploading three videos to its Youtube channel everyday in efforts to keep people active during the pandemic.

Illustration by Malati Powell for The Easterner

305 Fitness is offering free cardio-dance videos on their YouTube channel everyday at noon. P.volve is hosting live workout videos on Instagram Live and Youtube three times a day for people who have extra free time on their hands. They will also be offering wellness tips on their Youtube page, as well as livestream chats with professional acupuncturists on the P.volve app. Fight Camp, which teaches anything from basic boxing punches to intense HIIT workouts, has uploaded dozens of free videos on Youtube. The Special Olympics is livestreaming a six-week program to keep its athletes fit. The livestream will be available on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Other workout sites are offering free trials, such as Peloton, iFit, Underbelly Yoga, Adidas, the Tone It Up app, Battle Republic, Kaisa Keranen, Kira Stokes and many others.

Thousands of free workout videos are also offered on Students can enter how long they want to work out for, their preferred calorie burn, difficulty level of the workout, what part of the body they want to workout and what kind of workout equipment they have available, if any.

Students can find a full list of gyms and personal trainers offering free or discounted workouts at