Writers’ Center Still providing guidance to EWU students


Mckenzie Ford for The Easterner

By Aaron Hutchinson, Reporter

Like many services available to help EWU students succeed academically, the Writers’ Center has moved to virtual sessions this quarter. 

Students can choose between two appointment styles to get feedback on their writing. Students have the option to upload a piece of writing and receive written feedback from a Writers’ Center responder in 24 hours. The responder sends comments and points that may need revision, as well as a letter that explains how to go about applying the feedback.

“This is a great option for students once they have written a draft,” said Carlos Munoz, a lecturer in the English department. 

Munoz, who specializes in technical communication, composition and rhetoric stressed that responders try to teach, not just give edits.

“Our sessions focus on having a collaborative learning experience,” said Munoz, “so that students leave feeling more confident in their writing.”

Students who need additional help or more personalized sessions are able to schedule a Zoom conference with a responder. For a Zoom session, the responder emails the student a meeting link and they connect and set up a plan for the hour. 

“We are prepared to provide a quality service to students.” -Carlos Munoz, English Department Lecturer

“These are usually more discussions or questions and answers,” said Munoz. “Usually,  the student would like to discuss their process or ideas.”

Responders have a number of tools at their disposal to make the virtual process as smooth as possible. 

“With professional Google Drive, Office 365, Zoom and Canvas,” said Munoz, “we are prepared to provide a quality service to students.”

Munoz added that responders can help with more than just school papers. The Writers’ Center covers graduate school applications, internship applications, scholarships, creative writing and presentations. Munoz said the responders are here to help students in all the ways they might need to communicate an idea.

The Writers’ Center is also using other collaborative tools like YouTube to create video workshops for writing students.

Hamine Mendez
EWU students studying in the PLUS center. This is the area where all EWU PLUS students meet.

The transition to a virtual environment has gone quite smoothly according to Munoz, who said that responders have received training on how to use the technology and troubleshoot issues that come with technology and internet connections. 

Munoz wants students to know that the Writers’ Center has professionals ready to help. 

“[E]ven if you are nervous about sharing your writing there is something really awesome about speaking with a responder,” said Munoz. “Responders are professional writers. They are pursuing or hold advanced degrees. Plus, responders are well trained in writing center pedagogy, so they know how to support students and provide a quality service.”

Munoz added that the Writers’ Center is dedicated to making the transition to virtual sessions pain-free for the students. He feels that it is their duty during this time of unique hardship.

“I feel like we need to honor and respect what is happening,” said Munoz, “by making a smooth transition to virtual tutoring and ensuring our students receive quality service and enjoy the time they spend at the Writers’ Center.”