Grocery Outlet making its way to Cheney

By Amanda Haworth, Chief Copy Editor

The city of Cheney will be welcoming a new grocery store by 2020. Developments and permits are underway to begin the process of building a Grocery Outlet Bargain Market in early May. It will be located near Highway 904.

“Well, it’s going to be going in–intended anyway–to be located adjacent to where the Verizon building is on the east side of Highway 904 between the highway and the railroad tracks,” building official and public works manager Shane Nilles said. “I believe it’s approximately 16,000 square feet proposed of building and the entire site development will take up what is remaining there between Verizon and the trailer park there to the south. They’ve made permit applications and my understanding is their intention is to try to wrap up that process by early May.”

Cheney will be featuring this outlet grocery store instead of a bigger corporate store like Walmart or Target. Nilles gave insight on why this might be.

“My personal opinion? I think that it is all driven by the market,” Nilles said. “The reality is these grocery stores, these Grocery Outlets, they’re all looking at the market on a regular basis to determine where they’re a good fit. And I think that that’s a clear indicator that Grocery Outlet has determined that Cheney would be a good fit for a new location for them.”

A lot goes into the planning of this new addition to Cheney. Nilles spoke about the various planning that goes into a new project like this.

“As far as permitting goes, they have made application which means there is a time frame where the city is doing their reviews. Various departments, the building department, water, sewer, all the individual departments of the city make sure that their plans are conformed with city standards and state laws,” Nilles said.

More information will follow with as the project unfolds.