Beauty and the Beach


Waxing is the most popular service at the shop. Owner Kisling is doing everything in skin care from tanning to waxing | Sam Jackson for The Easterner

By Sam Jackson, Reporter

The owner of Beauty and the Beach aims to turn her salon into a one-stop-shop with a variety of sole proprietors, offering all kinds of beauty services.

This salon has been in Cheney for the last 17 years but the current owner, Kristina Kisling, has owned it for two years. Right now Kisling is doing everything in skin care from tanning to waxing while Jody Smolinski is the nail technician. Kisling is currently seeking two more hairdressers and someone to do microblading and eyelash extensions in efforts to achieve her dream of expanding the shop.

“I have a room in the back that I might set up for microblading and lashes, I have a room downstairs that I would like take all of the tanning and put it there,” Kisling said. “So it would be a tanning salon, hair salon, wax, microblading and eyelash extensions. I’m looking to do a full service salon.”

The beauticians of Beauty and the Beach see the potential of having a successful business in Cheney and really prefer it as the location.

“I like the small-town atmosphere versus the hustle and bustle of Spokane,” Smolinski said.

Beauty and the Beach salon currently has two stylists. Owner Kristina Kisling has owned the salon for two years. Everyone that works at the salon is a sole proprietor | Sam Jackson for The Easterner

After living in Cheney for 13 years, Kisling recognized the business that college students bring in and how the rest of the community in general is supportive.

“There are a lot of salons here but I feel like there’s enough business to go around that we’re not competing at the level that you would have to in Spokane,” said Kisling. “I like the location of where we are at. We get tons of people walking by. I love the people in Cheney, I think they’re great. Just being here for the 13 years that I was, I got to meet a lot of wonderful people and if they do like what you offer as a business they go out of their way to back that up and to support you.”

Everyone that works and would work at Beauty and the Beach would be a sole proprietor. Therefore they would work as their own boss while paying Kisling for providing the space.

“I don’t want to micromanage anybody,” said Kisling. “I would just like to have people come in and have a great attitude, do a good job and come and go when you feel. It’s conducive to your schedule and your lifestyle.”

Smolinski has been professionally doing nails for the last two years and started working at Beauty and the Beach in early December. She is at the shop Tuesdays through Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

“I probably like the instant gratification the most, as you can see the before and after happening,” said Smolinski. “I found a hidden passion for it. I thought it was hair that I wanted to do but I found out that I am better at nails and I just like it more.”

Smolinski takes walk-ins and appointments. Her prices for nails are competitive at $30 for a full set and $20 fills.

Kisling does waxing, mobile spray tanning, facials, peel and all around skin care. Waxing is by far the most popular service at the shop, particularly eyebrow waxing. Kisling says it’s her bread and butter because she’s not the type to rush it.

“I don’t have people walk in and just spend a couple of minutes and tell them 10 bucks and you’re out the door, I take my time,” said Kisling. “Brow waxing takes the longest out of all my services. I can bust out a brazilian faster than I can do brows sometimes because I mean it’s your face. I always say one eyebrow hair can make or break the face.”

Currently, Kisling is only taking appointments. Kisling can be reached best by text or call at 509-570-6415.

At this salon, they really pride themselves in going above and beyond for safety and sanitation laws. When Kisling first opened, she had a surprise visit from a health inspector who granted her salon a score of 100 percent.

“That’s something that I really like is the fact that we take the time and we are hygienic and that we do follow the safety standards,” said Kisling. “I like that we have been recognized for that.”

The owner is very adamant about expanding and is excited for the future of Beauty and the Beach. Kisling welcomes new customers to stop through whenever the shop is open. The salon is located at 113 F. St. in downtown Cheney.