EWU student arrested after making threats with gun on Snapchat

By Brad Brown, Contributing Writer

On April 5, an EWU student was arrested and is facing charges of Felony Malicious Harassment (Threats To Kill) and Making False or Misleading Statements after students reported seeing a Snapchat video of her posing with a Glock semiautomatic pistol stating, “In the dorms, with guns, shooting everyone up, Glock 12.”

Shyair S. Moore, 19, is a resident of snyamncut and was arrested by EWU police and transported to the Spokane County Jail. Moore had no previous criminal history and was released after her court appearance on Wednesday.

According to court documents, the incident was notified to the EWU police by three students around midnight on Tuesday. The three students stated they were scared and afraid someone was going to be shot.

Upon arriving at the scene, police met with the three students who told them they had viewed the Snapchat video posted by Moore. The students had copied the video from Snapchat and provided police with a copy. The video was later deleted from Moore’s account. According to police, the video showed Moore’s face along with a male subject and they could clearly identify her.

Police then went to Moore’s room, where they noticed Moore’s roommate walking out of the room. According to court documents, Moore’s roommate stated the gun was no longer on campus and that a friend brought the gun to the dorm and allowed Moore to handle it to make the video. Moore’s roommate stated Moore was in the shower and not in the room. Moore’s roommate then went to the shower and asked for her to come back to the room. After going back to the shower two times and 10 minutes later, Moore finally came out.

When asked about the gun incident, Moore stated there was no video and had no knowledge about the gun. She also stated she did not know who the male subject was or where he lived. However, Moore’s roommate then told police the male subject’s name but said she did not know his last name, all according to court documents.

Towards the end of their contact, police decided to show the video to Moore. Moore had nothing to say, according to court documents.

All of the subjects involved in the incident were then brought down to the EWU police station and provided written statements.

Moore’s roommate provided a statement declaring that Moore lied about everything and that the male figure is a friend of Moore’s. Social media being involved again, court documents show that police checked Moore’s Facebook account and verified that Moore and the male subject are friends via Facebook. She stated the male subject was the one who brought the gun into the room.

One of the students who allegedly lives in the dorm where the video was recorded, stated the gun was unloaded and watched Moore ask for the gun to make a Snapchat video.

The male subject was brought to the police but refused to give a statement.

Lastly, Moore was interviewed by police and read her constitutional rights, which she signed and elected to speak freely. When Moore was asked how the video was removed from Snapchat, she stated it must have just gone away. According to court documents, once Moore was pushed further, she stated she deleted it prior to coming out of the bathroom to speak to the police.

Moore was then asked about the male subject and continued to deny knowing him. Police then referenced them being friends on Facebook. Moore then backtracked and stated he was a friend.

Moore, unsure of why this was a big deal, went on to say, “We are not criminals, if I wanted to shoot people I would have done so and not gone and taken a shower.”

According to court documents, Moore stated this was not the first time she had posted videos of herself with guns to Snapchat.

Eventually she was asked why she lied during the original event. Moore responded by saying she did not lie about anything and stated she was being truthful.

Moore was then advised she was under arrest and transported to the Spokane County Jail and booked on her charges.

EWU Police Department encourages students to report any possible crimes on campus. Crimes can be reported using their online form or by picking up the phone. “You may also report crimes through the EWU Tip Line at 509-359-4286, the EWU Police Department at 509-359-6498, Police Dispatch at 509-359-7676, or if this is an emergency dial 911,” as stated on the EWU Police Department’s webpage.