Department recognizes enviromental destabilization

The Department of Defense (DoD) released the 2014 Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap in June. In it, they admitted that the government needs to be taking action to secure national interests. These interests span from securing transportation to preventing terrorism.

This “roadmap” is redundant by repeating the need to recognize and act on threats from climate change so that military installations and operations aren’t hindered. They admit that there is a need to help local governments and instability in other countries, but this roadmap is heavily pushing government agendas.

This year, 2014, the DoD has already started rebuilding and altering military infrastructure in preparation. The roadmap states that in 20 to 50 years, the sea level alone will be a serious threat, as well as extreme weather.

This document has a serious air of the effects that the climate poses. The DoD itself is seriously studying climate change to decide on precautionary steps. With this, it’s hard to understand why conservatives continue to deny the facts.

Another parallel is how scary it is for the government to already be making and changing plans for future resiliency. This is something out of “World War Z” or “The Last of Us” where the government has taken steps to secure the military and government to resist incredible global pressures.

How does someone react to this? What should individuals start doing to prepare themselves for what there is to come in the next 20 years? What will come in the next 20 years?

While there might not be a need to make your own “bug-out-bag” to survive a possible breakdown of government, it is the time for everyone to pull their civil and moral obligations in securing a stable, global future for ourselves and others.

Last May, House Republicans denied the severity of climate change by voting 227 to 189 in favor of an amendment to prevent the DoD from using their own funding to prepare for rising sea levels.

There needs to be a call for our Congress to admit that we are affecting the climate and it needs to change soon.

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