Seniors share best memories, tips for underclassmen

By Rebekah Frank, Eagle Life Writer

As seniors prepare to take their final exams and walk from commencement to the rest of their lives, they reminisce about their favorite memories at EWU and share some advice in hopes of helping an underclassman.

Senior Martin Sanks competed at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival in Boise, Idaho. Sanks and his theater partner, Cody Bray, were one of three pairs from Eastern to make it to the final round of the Irene Ryan scholarship audition, which was one of many scholarship competitions at the festival.

“[My] fondest memory was when I went to the KCACTF theatre festival. The people you meet there will change your life,” Sanks said.

There is not much need to stress whether you are just starting or graduating, according to Sanks.

“There is no feeling of some huge change, no sudden, new lense to look at life through. From your first day at college to your last, you’re it’s going to wake up and it’s going to be just another day to make of as you wish. So don’t sweat it’s; you’re it going to be fine,” Sanks said.

Senior Jose Garcia, said that his favorite memories at Eastern involved sports. He enjoyed sporting events whether he was supporting his peers by attending games or playing a few games himself.

“I’ve had a lot of great memories at Eastern. One of my favorites is winning one of my first intramurals championships shirts with my sister in softball,” said Garcia. “Another one is getting to be here for the first-ever football game on the red turf as we beat Montana.”

Garcia said that his time at school has passed more quickly than he thought it would.

“I am totally happy to be done with school, but scared of the real world. My advice to underclassmen is enjoy the time you have here at Eastern, because it will be over before you know it,” Garcia said.

Another senior, who has been thinking about how quickly time has passed, is Kyle Cavelti. Cavelti was involved with tennis and bowling at Eastern.

Cavelti, who has lived on campus since he was a freshman, said the community is probably one of his favorite parts of school. He enjoyed going to the events his CAs would put on every year and meeting new people.

“As you walk across campus, you know you’re going to meet up with like at least 10 or 15 people as you’re going to class. It’s always the people that makes the place,” Cavelti said.

Cavelti said he really enjoys the ability to get involved on campus, and to know he’s had an impact.

“The student body is what makes the university what it is for the most part. … What you want it to be is what it will be,” Cavelti said. “Get to know the people around you, even the people in class. It’s definitely good to have a network of people, even in your classes, because then you know who to go to about help, if they know what they are doing, or if they need help from you.”

Cavelti also remembers his most embarrassing moment at EWU, which happened during the annual Rec-Splosion event in the fall. He said he tried ice skating for the first time and could not keep his ankles above his feet. He said he was so bad that he needed assistance from one of the URC staff members.

“I had to hold his hand for most of the time out there. … I could hear some of my friends cheering me on. … That’s the cool part too because when you know people they do all that stuff to make the moment pretty cool, and you remember it,” Cavelti said.

As Cavelti prepares to leave EWU and all his friends this June, he wanted to share his best advice.

“You never want to give up. … If you’re in a little bit of trouble, as far as either school or any other kind of situations, you always just want to keep being persistent,” said Cavelti. “You learn as you go, everyone has their own experiences. One big tip I think every freshman should do is try something new almost every day, at least for 30 days. You only get to be in college once.”