Lorna Hartman reporter


Lorna Hartman
Leelu Multipass
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10?
Running the online community for the coolest sandbox game evah, having finished a stint as a crack reporter at the Spokesman Review and having become a bestselling author. Mom of three teenage boys. Living in Australia or New Zealand.
What was your most memorable Easterner moment?
Every Wednesday. “Crumpets of Queen Elizabeth! My stories are due today!” Also, Christopher Stuck walking five and a half miles for my benefit event, MS Walk. Xopher, your noble sacrifice will not be forgotten.
What is your parting statement?
Be on time. Don’t let people down. Rebel judiciously. Lead from the front, not the top. Try to get a little smarter every day..
Funniest memory
Monday editorial meetings. I would walk in and just sit back for the show. You are all so smart and so fun.