Better on campus housing needed


Students at Eastern Washington University are not receiving a good college experience. Because students come to the college campus and decide that they want to live on campus, they are not receiving the living accommodations that a four year university should provide. The dorms that I am describing include Morrison, Streeter, Pierce and Dressler Halls.

The dorm rooms are lacking in space and are just not comfortable. The worst part is that many of these dorm rooms are shared by two people at a time, they have to share their closet space, their desk space and their bathroom space either with their roommate or with all the people living on the floor, and it costs too much money to live in such small dorm rooms, that you might as well rent an apartment off campus. Right now I am living with two other roommates in an apartment for only $880 a month. Living here is significantly cheaper, and much more spacious than what Eastern offers

The university’s housing department and the University are to blame. They need to find a better way to house incoming freshman who choose to live on campus. I propose that Eastern Washington University should build new dorms for the students and they should make them big enough for two students to live in or else students will stop living on campus and that will cause the school to lose money. People will put their money towards renting apartments and there will be a decline in students living on campus. If the university can spend almost half of a million dollars to build a new football field, then I believe that building new dorms for the students shouldn’t be a problem.


Kramer S. LaVoie