Police Beat: Clown thwarted in library


Keri Kelly

A student dressed as a clown was caught on the beam in the JFK Library.

By Isaiah Gessner, Social Media Director

Clown Spotted in JFK Library (10/27/21)

A person dressed in a clown costume, a man, and a woman were spotted pretending to fight on the 3rd floor of the JFK library. The woman was recording the two men on the beam. The police were called by the library and the three ended up getting away before the police arrived. 

Unwanted Guests on Ice (10/24/21)

Two males were refusing to get off the ice in the URC after it was already closed. The police were called and were able to get them off the ice with no criminal charges. 

Assault During Football Game (10/23/21)

An assault was reported outside of Roos Field in the tailgating section during the game. The fight was instigated over mask wearing. The two ended up getting in a physical altercation and the situation is still under investigation. 

3 Students Arrested For Lude Conduct (10/23/21)

Three students were arrested while tailgating the Weber State vs Eastern game this last Saturday for urinating in public during the game. 

Stolen Bike (10/22/21)

A lime green mountain bike was stolen from the rack behind Snyamncut around 9:00 PM. If you know anything about the whereabouts of the bike you can contact Detective Schmittter at 509-370-2655.