Police Beat (10/12/21)

By Isaiah Gessner, Social Media Director

Cat Stuck in a Cage (10/12/21)

An animal call was reported by a couple of Eastern students as a cat was found stuck inside of a cage. The cat had no signs of pain and ended up freeing itself from the cage. The cat has likely ended up going back to find its owner. 

Reported Burglary at Church (10/11/21)

A reported burglary at 524 5th Street was noticed as the doors of the church were kicked in. Nothing was taken, stolen, or damaged and the break-in was likely associated with a homeless person seeking shelter. There are no suspects at this time as the investigation continues.

Gate Lock Taken Off of Obstacle Course (10/10/21) 

A gate lock was taken off of a local obstacle course and was reported. There were no signs of vandalism or anything else being taken. The lock was repaired and a reminder to not enter the course when it is not opened was issued. 

Hit and Run at Townhouses (10/9/21)

A reported hit and run was spotted at the EWU townhouses in the parking lot. Someone ended up damaging the car and fled the scene. Nobody was hurt and there are still no suspects within the particular case.