EWU raises over $1.8 million for Giving Joy Day

Two students were surprised with $2,500 scholarships from Numerica Credit Union


Courtesy of EWU's Facebook page

Donation jar set up for Giving Joy Day. Much of the money raised on Nov. 27, 2018 will go toward student scholarships.

By Kaisa Siipola, Reporter

EWU raised more than $1.8 million in cash, pledges and gifts for Giving Joy Day on Nov. 27.

The goals for Giving Joy Day were to raise $275,000 for scholarships, receive donations from all 50 states and to feel and share joy. Donations were obtained from 40 states, including substantial contributions from STCU and Numerica Credit Union.

Numerica Credit Union surprised Jordan Stevenson and Tarah Moran with $2,500 scholarships. Stevenson explained that she was surprised and a little confused to be a recipient for the scholarship.

“I feel really honored to be recognized for academics and professional achievements and I am looking forward to give this back to the Eastern community,” Stevenson said.

Stevenson also added that receiving the scholarship has made a difference by allowing her more time to pursue unpaid internships and volunteer positions outside of school.

The Public Relations Student Society of America had a table set up outside of Tawanka for Giving Joy Day and provided free hot cocoa and cider.

PRSSA Historian Chandler Jefferson emphasized that representing PRSSA to promote Giving Joy Day is a good way to get out and spread the joy.

“It’s good to get out here on campus and spread some joy to all the fellow students,” Jefferson said. “We are also here promoting Giving Joy Day for the school to bring donations in to help benefit all the school and the students and the faculty here”

PRSSA Vice President Jacinda Luna explained that participating in Giving Joy Day was a great experience.

“Even helping out and making them happy during finals week or close to finals week, it’s a struggle,” Jacinda Luna, Vice President of PRSSA said. “Even hot cocoa on a rainy day, I mean, that definitely makes me happy.”

President Mary Cullinan expressed her gratitude in a message to the EWU community for the enthusiastic support on Giving Joy Day.

“Faculty and staff met my $10,000 match by mid-day,” Cullinan said in a statement on EWU’s website. “And we received tremendous support from local businesses, volunteer boards and individual donors.”

Cullinan made mention of two generous donations that helped EWU surpass its financial goal.

“Our goals were bolstered by two significant gifts, one that will greatly benefit our jazz program and another that will provide equipment support for our computer science students,” Cullinan said.

Kyndell White, the assistant director of giving, said she is already planning for next year’s Giving Joy Day.

Anyone who wants to get involved or donate for next year’s Giving Joy Day can contact Kyndell White at 509-359-4550 or [email protected]