Letter to the Editor: Supporting Jessa Lewis for 6th District senator

By Jeremy Street, Letter to the Editor

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Dear Editor,

From the first time I heard Jessa Lewis ask for support in her run for state senator in the 6th Legislative District in a talk given in Airway Heights, I was almost stunned.  I remember thinking, “This woman will succeed at whatever she sets her mind to.”

And as she spoke on I realized her broad range of life experience has made her committed to elevating people from every sector of society, not just economically but in terms of being valued, by both society and by themselves.

I thought, “This is exactly the kind of person I want in the government.” At the end of that talk, when she spoke about the importance of service to others, the sky boomed with thunder as if to say, “Yes! that is exactly right!”

And later at one of her round-table town halls, I also realized that she knows how state government works, and knows who to talk to in state government on both sides of the aisle in order to get things done.

– Jeremy Street, Cheney community member