Former secondary education major finds passion on stage

By Vanessa Rodriguez, Contributor

The winter production from EWU Theatre is going to be Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” which will showcase an array of talent, including Junior Scott Worley.

Worley has always had an interest in acting. When he was young his mother oversaw the shows at his elementary school which led to him auditioning for his first big role in fourth grade. Throughout the rest of his school career Worley was in multiple shows, up until he went to college.

In his first year of college at Spokane Falls Community College, he was looking to major in secondary education, but struggled with this and felt off about that decision. Then a little bit into his sophomore year he finally made the decision to explore that side of him that yearned for theater.

Worley had an urge to switch to a major in theater.

“I just got this thing inside me and it’s kind of poking at me and I’m uncomfortable with it,” Worley said.

In his first show at EWU Worley was cast in an unexpected role. The show was “Avenue Q” and the role was a young man right out of college named Princeton. Worley was used to playing roles of men, as he is so tall and would have never expected to play that role, but the cast list came out and much to his surprise, he was chosen. Following that role, Worley played JD in the fall production of “Heathers” which is the antagonist of the show, and once again a young man.

In playing the role of JD in “Heathers” Scott had to get into a weird place to be able to portray such a dark character. For a specific scene, one where JD recounted to another character how his mother killed herself, he would sit in a corner and listen to music that he felt connected to the movie and would help him picture that scene of his mother killing herself. This would allow him to have that emotional connection to be able to give an emotional performance.

Worley skillswise,  is more of a singer but when it comes to his passion, that would be with acting. Worley is fascinated with what can be accomplished with acting, like giving an audience an amazing performance that will blow them away by it.

Although Worley rates his singing skills so high, he has never had any sort of technical training, and has dropped out of lessons multiple times. Worley has no technique to it, he just opens his mouths and sings, and it’s what works for him.

“You know when you’re a kid and you play in the backyard?” saud Worley. “Well theater is the place where those kids who never stopped went. We just keep playing, we just do it in front of people now.”

The winter production of “The Tempest” will be directed by Jeff Sanders and is going to be opening on March 9. Scott Worley will play a character named Stefano, who Scott described as “kind of a bad guy.” The Tempest is the last known show written completely by Shakespeare himself, and is full of magic. It will run until March 15 in the EWU Theatre.