By Josh Fletcher, News Editor

Water dampens winter break for Eagle Point resident

A water pipe break at the Eagle Point apartments left one student very upset after the way she was treated by staff.

The female student took to her Facebook page to voice her discontent with the staff after a resident’s water pipes broke above her, causing water to pour out from every hole in her apartment. In a video that has over 57,000 views, you can see puddles of water and water leaking from the ceiling.

In a statement, Eagle Point confirmed this was due to a resident turning off their heat and leaving their balcony door open while they left for winter break. This “lack of heat combined with the open door caused a water pipe to burst, flooding two lower units.”

The female and her roommate were moved to another unit while the cleanup process takes place. Eagle Point also stressed they were working with the resident to provide any help that is needed.

Greystar, who owns Eagle Point and many apartment complexes around the country, did not respond to a request for comment.


Nationwide search lands inaugural director

EWU has named Vanessa Delgado the inaugural director of the Multicultural Center.

“I am excited to bring this passion to the EWU Multicultural Center, where I will work to promote inclusiveness and empower students to find their voice,” Delgado said.

Delgado takes over for Victor Rodriguez, who had been the interim director since March when the program was started.

EWU has been on a nationwide search for a permanent director since they started the program last year.

Delgado is coming from the University of Kansas, where she held a similar job for the past two years.

Delgado will start full-time on March 1.


Eastern newsroom drenched

If you think our news is watered down this issue, that’s because it kind of is. Over winter break our newsroom in Isle Hall had severe water damage due to a leak in the roof.

EWU Maintenance said a buildup of snow, and subsequent melting, led to the leak.

No serious damage occurred other than our editor-in-chief’s business cards, which were all soaked.


Flu season is coming

Each winter means a spike in the flu, and EWU has a list of things you can do to protect yourself.

Number one is to get a flu shot, which is free for EWU students at the Rockwood Clinic in Cheney. Other recommendations include  washing your hands frequently, covering your cough and if you are feeling sick, stay home from school and work to stop the spread of the flu to your classmates and coworkers.