Fraternity alumni raise $250,000 for the EWU library

JFK Library | EWU website

JFK Library | EWU website

By Sarah Giomi, Staff Reporter

Alumni of EWU’s Pi Kappa Alpha Zeta Nu chapter have raised $250,000 over the past four years for the university libraries.

The money raised will fund the Archives Hidden Collection Digitization Project converting more than a quarter of a million items, including research papers, artwork and other historical articles into digital versions that would otherwise be inaccessible. The funds will also support the Randy Van Turner Scholarship, awarded in preference to military veterans and members or alum of Pi Kappa Alpha Zeta Nu.

“We all came together 60 years later, put away our families, our professions, our hobbies to spend some time together, joyfully, thinking about how to help Eastern, all in the name of Randy,” Chapter alumni member Jamie Wolff said.

Randy Van Turner was an EWU graduate and member of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity who was killed in action in Vietnam. The scholarship has been awarded to five students since it was established.

The alumni members who supported the philanthropic mission were active members of Zeta Nu chapter over 60 years ago and graduated from EWU around the 1970s.

Alumni member Doug Myers said, “Hopefully we’re not just going to rest on one accomplishment and we’ll continue to support Eastern in many ways, not only financially, but also being a part of the alumni.”