The dark side of gaming

By Chris Mudd, Staff Writer

“Star Wars Battlefront” is the single best example of a video game with an excellent premise being held back by its greedy publisher.

There was so much potential to “Battlefront.” Any addition to the Star Wars universe is met with lofty expectations and equally intense criticism, but both previous games in the “Battlefront” franchise have received nothing but praise over the years. Therefore when the latest “Battlefront” was announced, fans rejoiced. At least until they saw the EA logo.

EA is notoriously the worst company in the United States, beating out even Bank of America for the title according to It’s not hard to see why looking at their business model. Essentially they release games before they are ready, sell them for the price of a full game, then charge an exuberant amount of money for the content that should have been in the game in the first place. It’s a greedy power play used only to take advantage of people, and has never been more present than in “Star Wars Battlefront.”

The developer, Dice, is known for the “Battlefield” franchise, a direct competitor to the “Call of Duty” multiplayer shooter franchise. I have nothing but praise for the game itself, as it’s crisp, beautiful and a testament to the talent of Dice’s art team.

The sound design also deserves special attention, as sound and music in any Star Wars game is as iconic as the world itself. There is a very particular Star Wars sound that Dice captures brilliantly, firmly embedding the player in the universe.

Where Dice fell flat comes in the lack of multiplayer maps, as well as the complete omission of a single-player campaign. What is in the game is excellent, but the fun only lasts for five or six hours before things get repetitive and boring.

The time spent playing for the first several hours is an absolute blast, but the asking price of $59.99 is simply too much to pay for an incomplete game. Especially considering EA likely intends for the buyer to spend another $50 for game content that should have been included in the first place.

Don’t waste your money. The only way EA will change is if they see their market turn on them, and it’s about time we do.