Stay safe over Halloween

By Roxanne George and Daisy Garcia, for The Easterner

As October reaches an end and Halloween weekend approaches, here are a few tips to staying safe this Halloween.

Tricia Hughes of Eastern’s Health, Wellness and Prevention Services suggested that if students do go out this weekend, there is no need to drive, stating that Cheney is small enough to walk almost anywhere. Hughes said it is important to “set limits” and to have these limits in place before heading out or consuming alcohol.

Hughes reminded students choosing to go trick-or-treating to check their own or their children’s candy. If any candy has been tampered with, or if students are unsure of anything that was given to them, they should not consume it.

As Halloween is on a Saturday which, Hughes said, has already been proven as a more popular time to drink, students should be aware of the signs of alcohol poisoning to look for in themselves and the people around them. Common signs to watch out for are irregular breathing, pale or blue lips, unconsciousness or uncontrolled vomiting. If students are worried they or a friend might have alcohol poisoning, they should call 911 and a first responder will be able to determine if they need further medical assistance.

Hannah Grady, president of Panhellenic sororities and senior at EWU said, “Ultimately the goal is to keep everybody safe and okay. I know with being a part of the Greek community there’s always someone to turn to if there’s something wrong.” Grady also stated the importance of students in general to hold one another accountable for their actions and hoped for students to “play it safe,” this Halloween weekend.

Deputy Chief of EWUPolice Gary Gasseling reminded students that if they do choose to drink this weekend to not to take any drinks from people they do not know or to take an open drink, and warned students that there are penalties for underage drinking. Gasseling also said students should have fun but be responsible, advertising students to stay off streets without street lamps and not to leave friends alone.

Overall, no matter what plans students have for this weekend, please incorporate safety into it and have a Happy Halloween.