Bicycle registration now free

EWUPD highly recommends registering bicycles

By Lelia Thatcher, Staff Writer

Bicycle registration is now free, easy and highly recommended for students and staff who ride on campus. EWU Police use the same method that the Spokane Police Department uses to recover stolen bikes and make it difficult for thieves to get away with bike theft.

Bicycles are an easy target for thieves who want to make some quick cash at a pawn shop. If a bike is registered and reported stolen, when someone tries to pawn it off it will pop up in a national database and alert the police immediately. However, if a bike is not registered, the bike becomes nearly impossible to recover since most people don’t know their bike’s serial number.

Gary Gasseling, Deputy Chief of EWUPD, says that around ten to twenty bikes are recovered each year and end up being sold at EWU Surplus for far less than they are worth just because the police have no way of finding the owner. No bikes have been reported stolen so far this school year, but thefts often spike during the holidays.

The EWUPD wants students to be aware of this system before it is too late. Gasseling says it is a great because “it allows us a tool to go through and figure out a better way to be responsive to our community and say ‘we can help you.’”

To register a bike go to, click on “community” then under “campus resources” click on “university police,” then “bike registration,” and finally “register my bike now.” All that is required to complete registration is the serial number, brand, color, and personal contact information. Size, value, additional characteristics, and a picture are optional. Serial numbers are often located on the underside of the bike between the pedals or the on headset on the front of the bike.

Along with registering, it is recommended as an additional precaution to keep a bicycle locked up at a bike rack at all times when not using it.