ASEWU celebrates 100 years of service on campus

By Jaclyn Archer, News Editor

With the the Associated Students of Eastern Washington University (ASEWU) celebrating its one hundredth year of service, President Kyle Dodson is focused on building upon the history of the student organization.

The ASEWU is representative body elected by the students of EWU each year. According to their Eagle Sync description, ASEWU is intended as a “resource for student activism, provide students with leadership opportunities, and to be an informed, unified student voice,” and serves all EWU campuses.

“This is ASEWU’s centennial year,” said Dodson. “With the passing of the PUB remodel, we are excited [about] leaving a legacy and adding to Eastern’s pride.”

The PUB remodel, and specifically how it will serve the student body, is the primary concern of this year’s ASEWU administration.

“This is a big year for planning with Perkins and Will, the architectural firm [building the PUB], to advocate for what students need….We are [also] working with the ASEWU team to think of something to give to the PUB considering it’s our hundredth year … whether it be a monument, a time capsule, a statue, we’re in conversations with the counsel to think to think of something we can leave as a legacy,” said Dodson.

Dodson said students should see physical progress on the PUB remodel by next June.

ASEWU is also planning on hosting a hundred year banquet for previous ASEWU members.

“It’ll be a chance to meet the old members as well as showcase who we are, and make those network connections. Since we’ve planned it we’ve reached out to over 98 years of ASEWU members,” said Dodson.

Other events in store for the 2015-16 school year include “Wear What you Are,” a Homecoming Week event which will let students to trade in shirts from other colleges for free Eagle gear.

“It allows us to paint the campus red, but … we can also take the shirts we collect and take them to charity. So it’s two birds with one stone. We’re helping campus and also helping others,” said Dodson.

ASEWU also plans to coordinate with Eagle Entertainment to put on the annual spring concert.

Dodson emphasized that the work of building a legacy belongs to the entire student body: “The first step is … stopping by our office or stopping us on campus.”

If students stop by the ASEWU office located in PUB 303, they will find applications for an ASEWU Superior Court clerk position. Applications are due October 1.

“We’re all elected. Research us on our website and approach us. Have the courage to come and talk to us. To the incoming freshmen, you’re never too young to start. Better to get involved sooner rather than later. Take an initiative yourself. You are our own advocate,” said Dodson.