Students, some advice to cope

By Bekah Frank, Administrative Assistant

Graduation is fast approaching, and I cannot wait.

My time here at Eastern has been a roller coaster. I have been here for only two years, and overall it has been an enjoyable experience. However, I do have a few recommendations to current and incoming students.

Number one, if you are a transfer student, you will have to declare your major right away. So look into the requirements and see if any of your current credits will satisfy a required class, and maybe you can cut some corners.

I attended running start at Spokane Falls Community College my last two years of high school. When I transferred to EWU and declared business management as my major, two of the classes I took at Spokane Falls also counted for the major requirements. I was able to cut out two of the classes I had to take here, which saved time and money.

Second, plan your own schedule for your major requirements. The career advisors are outstanding to work with, but I have not had very good experiences with some of the major advisors here. I am not sure how the advisers are for other majors, but I have heard few good things about them.

Many of the major requirements are offered in a sequence, so if you miss the first class you might not get a chance to take it until the following year and will have wasted valuable time.

Figure out the prerequisites you have to take, what quarters those classes are offered and when is the best time to take them. I have heard horror stories of students who had to stay in school for two extra years because they missed the classes they needed that were only offered once a year.

Lastly, make the most of your time here. Avoid failing any classes if you can because you are paying so much money for them, but do not spend all your time in the library studying for that 4.0.

Twenty years from now, you may not remember what grade you got in that English class, but you will remember the people you hung out with in that class. Make memories that make the work, money and stress all worth it.
When it comes down to it, the only thing you are here for is an expensive piece of paper that says you know something about your chosen career field. So, if you are going to spend all that time and money for that paper, you might as well enjoy yourself while you do it. Make the most of your time here, it’ll all be over soon.