Easterner’s new EIC strives forward

Goals include more online content, suggestions from students

By Eric Long, Chief Copy Editor

Hello, Eastern. I am the new editor-in-chief of The Easterner.

First, I would like to say that it has been an insane year at The Easterner. We have had many ups and downs but we made it to the last issue, the one you are reading today.

As chief copy editor I have seen and read every article that has been printed in the paper, from the light-hearted ones to the controversial ones that started conversations around campus. I stand behind everything we have printed. While I admit some mistakes were made, The Easterner is a place to learn, and we have done just that.

As editor-in-chief for Volume 67, I will take what I have learned and apply it to The Easterner for next year. My plan is to focus more on government — the ASEWU and the board of trustees — on campus. As students, we have a right to a transparent campus government, and The Easterner will be an outlet for that.

To say print is dying is an understatement. This year The Easterner saw more and more viewership on our online site, especially mobile. As the year went on, I saw that as the online readership went up, the more physical papers came back to the newsroom.

I have heard your message and because of it I will be pushing for more focus on our online site and will be incorporating multimedia including video, soundbites and interactive graphics. The news on our site will be up to date and timely, and readers will see a more comprehensive sports section where scores will be added as soon as we get them.

The physical paper will focus on lengthier news and feature stories and a more student-centered opinion section.

I am excited to start the 2015-16 year but before it ends, I would like to thank Nicole Ruse, Volume 66’s editor-in-chief.

Nicole, we’ve been through a lot with this paper and staff. Through it all you have been there for support when I was down, stressed out and just wanting to give up. You’ve listened to me vent, gave advice and helped me grow to be the editor I am today. I won’t forget the fun times we had together and the laughter we shared. I’m going to miss being a chair-roll away from you, but I get to take over your office, so it won’t hurt too bad. Good luck out there, I know you’ll do amazing with whatever job you get. And remember to ask yourself, “What would Baby Magugu do?”

To the community, I hope that I can serve you in the best way possible next year. Please do not shy away from emailing, calling or stopping by if you have any questions, concerns, and suggestions.

Thank you for your continuous support and please enjoy your summer.


Eric Long