State Representative Race for District 6

By Aaron Bocook, Staff Writer

District 6, Position 1:

Kevin Parker, R, is seeking re-election for District 6, Position 1 State Representative.


Parker was first elected in 2008, according to the State of Washington Voter’s Pamphlet, and has developed a reputation as a compassionate listener and effective leader in his three years as state representative.

Parker said he teaches in the MBA programs at both Whitworth and Gonzaga Universities and also owns a chain of coffee shops in Spokane.

Parker said on his website that his focus is on school funding and preparing students for higher education, affordable health care, controlling government spending, fair distribution of tax dollars in transportation projects and approaching crime with a common-sense vision and collaborative-community effort

Donald Dover, D, is running against Kevin Parker for Representative of Spokane’s 6th District, Position 1.


On his website, Dover said voters should have more than one choice, the same reason he ran for Cheney City Council in 1983.

According to the State of Washington Voter’s Pamphlet, Dover went to Eastern Washington University where he studied communications, business and management.

In a recent statement on his website, Dover said he is passionate about education and, according to the voter’s pamphlet, wants to ensure K-12 programs are funded at adequate levels.


District 6, Position 2:

Jeff Holy, R, is running for re-election for District 6, Position 2 State Representative.


Holy said on his website that he has lived in Spokane for 32 years and is committed to community service. He is an Army Veteran, and retired from the Spokane Police Department in 2006 after 22 years of service.

According to the State of Washington Voter’s Pamphlet, Holy is a private practice attorney who provides pro-bono legal services, is a board member of Law Enforcement and Firefighter Retirement Board and has served as a precinct committee officer.

In his statement for the voter’s pamphlet, Holy said he will continue to fight for Eastern Washington, focusing on ending wasteful spending and balancing the budget without raising taxes.

Representatives of Holy said in an email that if elected, he is committed to holding the line on tuition: “[S]tudents should not be graduating college with a mortgage and no house to show for it.”

Ziggy Siegfried, D, is challenging incumbent Jeff Holy in the race for District 6, Position 2 State Representative.


Though he has no elected experience, he said he is very involved in the local community and said it is time Spokane has a “regular citizen” representing the district.

According to the pamphlet, Siegfried is a full-time maintenance worker at WSU Spokane and a part-time landscaper, which he said has taught him the value of hard work.

Representatives of Siegfried said in an email that he is a community activist who fights for environmental, economic and social justice and wants to clean up the mess in Olympia.

If elected, Siegfried’s representatives said he will work to pass  a transportation budget that  includes the completion of the North/South Freeway project in Spokane.

Siegfried’s representatives also said he will fight to bring a family wage and family wage jobs to Washington state, work for full funding of  K-12 education and increased funding for higher education and the Washington Dream Act.