ASEWU meets to discuss plans and proposals

ASEWU meets to discuss plans and proposals

ASEWU met briefly before Thanksgiving break to report on their activities the preceding week.

Standing president Becca Harrell reported that she attended a presidential cabinet meeting and that Eastern’s legislative liaison put in the legislative proposal.

The first item on the proposal was for teen drivers to have the ability to preregister as a voter when they go get their drivers license. When the driver turns 18, their ballot would then be automatically mailed to them.

“That will be one of the items that Eastern will submit to the Washington Student Association. We are hopeful that will be one of the items that are chosen,” said Harrell.

Ethan Vodde, the legislative liaison for EWU, explained another item on the proposal.

“The proposal to the [Washington Student Association] is that we will lobby actively for incentivizing businesses in Washington state to hire student graduates from public four-year universities. Probably tax breaks and things … and then put that money back into student organizations and help fund STEM programs,” said Vodde.

Shelby Pelon emphasized the importance of students attending the Student Legislative Action Committee open forum on Nov. 15 so that ASEWU and the legislative liaison could hear from a full representation of students about what things really matter to them.

Harrell also reported that she had sat in on the hiring committee for the manager of student support and advocacy.

“Its really exciting to have this position because it means there’s someone else for you guys to reach out to and talk to when you’re having concerns on campus,” said Harrell.

Rachel Wilder announced that the upcoming Love and Theft concert has been canceled due to scheduling and contract issues.

“There were just complications with booking them. They offered to come back in the spring, but I don’t think we’ll be bringing them back,” said Wilder.

Wilder said that Eagle entertainment is working on getting another act, possibly a comedian or a lecturer, to give a performance sometime before winter break.