ASEWU elections open for next year’s senate positions

By Conner Faulkner, Contributing Writer

There are three executive positions and nine representative positions open for the upcoming ASEWU elections, with applications being accepted beginning on April 3.

There is a primary election scheduled for April 21 after the application process ends, then a general election on May 5.

Candidates will have the opportunity to attend election events where they meet with the students voting and answer any questions they may have. These events will be posted on EagleSync and heavily advertised when the dates have been decided.

Each position is paid as stipulated in the ASEWU constitution and bylaws. The student government is in charge of representing and addressing the concerns and needs of the students to the EWU administration, the board of trustees, the faculty and the state legislature.

“When I first started, one of the things that helped me out the most was remembering peoples’ names,” said ASEWU president Dahir “D.J.” Jigre. “That way, more people knew who I was when I was running.”

However, it is not only about remembering the names. “Incentives are ideal,” said Jigre. “When you’re talking with people, hand out candy or other treats so they remember you.”

Jigre emphasized dressing up every day, not just on campus, but off campus as well. He specifically bought two suits to wear during his campaign. “I wore the suits the moment I woke up, till the moment I went to bed,” he said. “Image is everything.”

“You cannot please people,” Jigre said as he recalled stories of promising he would change something, then learning later he could not. “You have to think about what the students need, not necessarily what they want. Within budget, it’s not just our campus; the council represents the 2,000 students attending River Point and their needs as well.”

Kyle Dodson, the Athletic Affairs and University Advancement representative, reiterated the importance of remembering names and offering incentives. “You have to be outgoing enough to go engage people you don’t know,” he said. “Something I did during a hot, spring day was I handed out Otter Pops to people walking by.”

Anyone looking to become a 2015-2016 ASEWU candidate can sign up at the office in PUB 303 or by emailing Kelsey Lavelle, director of elections, at [email protected] The deadline is April 10 at 3 p.m.

Open Positions to Run For

Executive Officer Positions

Executive Vice President
Director of Finance

Council Representatives

Academic Affairs
Athletic Affairs and University Advancement
Diversity Outreach
Graduate Affairs
Legislative Affairs
Student Activities
Student Health and Safety Services
Student Services
Technology Advancement