Basketballers use height to their advantage

Basketballers use height to their advantage

Photo illustration by Easterner Graphics

The height gap between the shortest and tallest player of the men’s and women’s basketball team is two feet.

Freshman forward Frederik Jörg is the tallest man in EWU’s basketball history, standing at 7 feet 1 inch.

Sophomore guard Kylie Huerta has a 5-foot-1-inch frame.

As a forward, Jörg feels his height is advantageous for defense and easy rebounds since he is close to the basket.

According to Jörg, he cannot always compete with teams that are smaller and quicker because he is not quick and flexible. Jörg claimed that sometimes he does not play because of his height.

Last year, in Huerta’s rookie season, she had 43 points, 30 assists and 13 steals, according to her biography.

Huerta mentioned being strategic because of her height.

Huerta, as a shorter player, said she uses her height to be sneaky. “When tall people bring it down, that’s when small people sneak it in,” said Huerta.

“There’s definitely advantages and disadvantages [to being 5 feet 1 inch], but from my point of view I have a bigger advantage because that’s how I’ve always been playing,” said Huerta.

“There are definitely disadvantages for being tall too. In basketball, sometimes people switch on people. I’m so much quicker than taller people so it’s easier to get by them,” said Huerta.

Huerta claims that she is at a disadvantage when a taller person is guarding her because it is harder to push someone bigger than her out.

Talking about his height, Jörg said, “What I like is that there’s probably more advantages than disadvantages.”

Huerta compensates for her size by being strong, claiming, “I’m able to push them out when they drive [down the court]”.

Huerta said she does not let players go past her because she is quick and keeps her opponents in front of her.

“I’m the player I am today because I’m smaller. I find ways to get my shots off,” said Huerta.

“For me, I want to use my size better and get more athletic, faster, quicker,” said Jörg.

When Jörg plays he claims he has a disadvantage in the foul court because of his height. “Always say I’m tall I gotta make it. When a foul is called they don’t send me too often to the free-throw line,” said Jörg.

Jörg says he wants to get used to the American way of playing basketball and get more experience in the game.

According to Jörg , Europe does not have college sports, just club teams. That’s why Jörg came to the states, for an opportunity to get a college education while playing basketball.

Jörg said he could not imagine his life without basketball.