“Judas and the Black Messiah” movie showing



The multicultural center is putting on a movie night this Wednesday.

By Jazmine Reed, Contributor

This Wednesday, Feb. 2 there will be a movie put on by the Multicultural Center to celebrate Black History Month. This will take place in the PUB room 317 and 319 at 5p.m. No ticket required upon entry. There will be popcorn, hot chocolate, brownies, and other sweets served at the event.

According to the Multicultural Center, the movie will be Judas and the Black Messiah, “which is the story of Willam O’Neal and how he and the FBI infiltrated Fred Hampton and his chapter of the Black Panther Party in Chicago.” This is the first time the Multicultural Center has put on a movie night for Black History Month.”We decided on this movie for Black history Month because it is a depiction of black history that unabashedly shows Black stories and how we were treated by the mainstream media.”

 Although there is no limit to how many students can attend, according to the Multicultural Center, “per the University policy, a vaccination card or a negative test within 72 hours will be needed for entry into the event” as well as abiding by social distancing guidelines. 

This link provides a diagram of the setup in the movie night rooms (found it on the EWU event calendar)

https://ewueagles.sharepoint.com/sites/eventplanningschematics/Shared Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx?id=%2Fsites%2Feventplanningschematics%2FShared Documents%2F2021 Events%2FNov – Dec%2FCopy %281%29 of 112 Seats Aud style with catering PUB 317 319%2Epdf&parent=%2Fsites%2Feventplanningschematics%2FShared Documents%2F2021 Events%2FNov – Dec&p=true