Clubs at EWU post pandemic

Members of Scary Feminist’s from 10/19 meeting.

Summer Sandstrom

Members of Scary Feminist’s from 10/19 meeting.

By Summer Sandstrom, Contributor

College life after the pandemic is nearing normal once again, resulting in the rebirth of student clubs at EWU, but the process isn’t without the occasional hiccup.

Many clubs faced their share of obstacles over the course of the pandemic. As a result, many of them had difficulties reaching their goals and operating as they had before lockdown.

Now, many organizations are starting from the ground up due to difficult officer and advisor transitions that occurred during the past two years.

That being the case,  Dillon Deffinbaugh, one of SAIL’s assistant directors, said he is impressed with how active students and their organizations have been coming out of the pandemic.

“Our student leaders have demonstrated a lot of resiliency this year,” he said. “They are working hard to get their organizations back up and running.”

Eastern currently has 77 ASEWU organizations, 21 sororities and fraternities, and 22 club sports that are active as of now.

Many clubs put on performances at the multicultural fair this year.

Across the board, it seems that students have been eager to get involved in their community, which has made it easier for many clubs to gain new members and become active again.

“I’m always so excited to go to the meetings because everyone in our group is so passionate, and I feel like that’s the whole point of our club, to be part of something you’re passionate about or something you want to learn more about,” said Hannah Heimbigner, one of the presidents of EWU’s Scary Feminists club.

While many of the organizations at Eastern have been getting back on their feet, there are still some obstacles that students are running into when attempting to contact certain groups.

EagleSync is the main website that all clubs at Eastern use, as it provides students with an easy way to reach out and get involved.

And while the list of clubs on EagleSync gets updated frequently, some of the contact information for certain groups is out of date. Deffinbaugh and his staff are currently working on reaching out directly to every ASEWU student organization to ask them to update their contact information.

If you are having trouble getting in contact with a student club, or if you want to start your own, reach out to [email protected] or stop by the SAIL office at PUB 301.