Opportunity to win airpods by participating in the Life During COVID-19 archive


Keri Kelly

The air pods will be given to the winner of the drawing.

EWU has created an opportunity for students to be a part of the community’s history. The pandemic has brought so many changes to daily life and unexpected experiences. To provide future EWU students an idea of what people experienced during the pandemic, EWU Libraries want to collect first-hand stories from the community. 

The Life During COVID-19 archive is accepting written entries by currently enrolled students on their experience during COVID-19. Before submitting, it is important to make sure to read the directions carefully on the student drawing website.

The drawing will be conducted on Nov. 30, and the winner will receive airpods. 

Below are some options that can be included in student’s entries. 

  • A specific aspect of life 
  • General challenges 
  • Opportunities 
  • Remote learning 
  • Quarantining
  • Social inequalities 
  • Returning to in-person classes 

Fiction stories can be included in the entries as well, but it must be stated when filling out the form. They can be photographic, audiovisual, or any other creative expressions. The submissions will be published here. https://dc.ewu.edu/covid/   

Multiple entries are accepted from students. EWU Libraries will evaluate the responses, and they will be made public. If an individual is not a student and feels like their story will impact future members of the EWU community, entries are encouraged. 

These entries are important for future generations to see what experiences EWU students went through during this time. 

Steve Bingo, archivist at EWU, said these stories will provide details that are hard to determine from statistics and surveys. 

“In terms of the [EWU’s] memory, it is vital that we understand the impact of the pandemic on students,” said Bingo.  “It can provide valuable insight on how better to respond to a pandemic should we find ourselves in a situation like this in the future.”

If there are any questions, contact Steve Bingo at [email protected] 

Here is the link to fill out a form if interested. https://www.ewu.edu/library/pandemic-stories/student-drawing/