EWU president faces vote of no confidence

By Randle Kinswa, Co-managing Editor

The EWU faculty organization plans on holding a vote of no confidence on President Mary Cullinan at Monday’s Faculty Senate meeting.

In a memo sent out by members of the Faculty Senate leadership, up to 60% of full-time faculty rated Cullinan’s performance in six of the seven areas as “lacking”.

The authors of the June 16th letter sent out to the faculty to gain some support for the vote of no confidence, mentioned that nearly 70% of the faculty described Cullinan’s leadership as poor. The authors also pointed out that Cullinan has already faced a “vote of no confidence” in 2014, at her previous job where she was the President of Southern Oregon University.

The writers of the June 16th letter also mentioned how Cullinan has yet to take a pay cut, while citing that leading administrators across the nation have taken a 10-20% cut in salary.