Ready or not, here comes a Roos renovation


Courtesy of EWU

One of the renderings of the proposed football stadium renovation. Construction will begin as soon as the $25 million is raised.

By Dylan Harris, Managing Editor

EWU announced plans on Friday, Sept. 6 to move forward with a $25 million renovation of its football stadium. The EWU Board of Trustees unanimously approved the proposal.

The project will be funded through private donations and fundraising, not through state funds or student fees.

“Eagle Nation deserves a space that matches the strength, passion and hard work of a program and is a point of pride throughout the region and beyond,” EWU Athletic Director Lynn Hickey said in a press release. “This is a reasonable plan that will give us that space.”

Stadium renovations are set to begin as soon as the $25 million is raised, beginning with a replacement of the turf. Don’t worry, the turf will still be red. There is no official start date, but EWU hopes to replace the turf before the 2020 season.

The proposed plans include new seats with more leg room, improved concessions and restrooms located closer to the seating areas and additional club seats and suites. The renovation will also feature an expansion of seating on the visitor’s side, and the track around the field will be relocated in order to bring fans closer to the action.

“This has a domino effect,” Hickey said. “We get a new stadium, but our track team also gets a new track. … This is going to have an impact on all our sports and all our students.”

The location of the new track is expected to be on the south side of the P.E. Building, where the soccer and practice fields are located. The stadium’s capacity will be about the same, but the school is hoping to improve the overall experience for fans, players and anyone else at the games with the aforementioned improvements.

Roos Field will not only look different; it may also have a new name.

“We can’t say for sure right now, but there might be some opportunities for other donors as well,” the EWU website reads. “We are very appreciative of what Michael Roos has done for Eastern over the years.”

The EWU football program has become a powerhouse, having won the National Championship in 2010 and making another National Championship appearance just last year, albeit with an undesired outcome. This stadium renovation is intended to reflect that on-field success.

“We are an exciting campus with tremendous athletics, as well as academics,” EWU President Mary Cullinan said. “I’m so proud of our student athletes and they deserve to have facilities that support our greatness.”

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