It’s spooky season at EWU


Courtesy of the Office and Community Engagement

Kevin Hills, director of disability support services, is dressed up as Batman during Harvest Fest 2017. The 2018 edition of the event will be on Oct. 31 from 2:30-6:00 p.m. in Hargreaves Hall.

By Kaisa Siipola, Reporter

EWU students and faculty will come together on halloween night for Harvest Fest. The event, which will include children and families trick-or-treating around campus and additional halloween activities, will be in Hargreaves Hall and the Science building.  

Harvest Fest is an annual event facilitated by the Office of Community Engagement and provides an opportunity for students to represent the EWU community in a positive light.

“A favorite moment from Harvest Fest was seeing the children get excited when students give compliments on their costumes, receiving candy, presence from the parents,” Taylor Coffell, ASEWU superior court clerk, said. “It’s really fun to watch the kids be happy and get to do something.”

Students, faculty and other departments on campus look forward to Harvest Fest every year.

“It’s really awesome to see the little kids get so excited to see the staff and students all dressed up,” Becca Gollehon, college access program coordinator of the Office of Community Engagement, said.

During the weekdays students see the faculty present themselves professionally and wear professional attire but that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to dress up and get excited for events such as Harvest Fest.

“I love Harvest Fest because I think it is a real good opportunity for us to get to know the community, gives us the opportunity to do something that makes them feel good about us and it gives me an opportunity to come to work dressed up in a crazy costume and have fun,” Kevin Hills, director of Disability Support Services, said.

Hills also added that his favorite memory from last year was of him dressed as Batman with a little boy who was dressed as Batman as well.

The Office of Community Engagement encourages all students, faculty and faculty with children (toddlers-5th graders) to attend and participate in this event.

Harvest Fest will be from 2:30-6 p.m. located at Hargreaves Hall. Students interested in volunteering at Harvest Fest will need to sign up through Orgsync by Oct. 29 and can contact the Office of Community Engagement at [email protected] for more information.