Oktoberfest brings old-Hollywood glamor to EWU


Oktoberfest will have a Lights, Camera, Action theme this year. Last year’s event had a Haunted Halls theme | Mandy Nicole for The Easterner

On Oct. 28, EWU’s annual Oktoberfest will bring Hollywood glamor and a real red carpet to campus with this year’s theme: Lights, Camera, Auction!

In the tradition of past years’ Oktoberfest celebrations, the evening will center around live and silent auctions, the proceeds of which will benefit EWU’s libraries.

Pianist and graduate student Christian Garcia will lead the entertainment for the evening with a number of show tunes and film themes, including music from The Wizard of Oz, Cats, Les Misérables and The Sound of Music.

Kelly Parks, also a graduate student at EWU, will accompany with jazz vocals.

Carol King, the director of library engagement and external relations, said the Oktoberfest committee chose a live pianist to headline the entertainment to enhance the authentic old-Hollywood ambience they hope to create.

The entertainers will volunteer their time for the event, but attendees will have the opportunity to tip them for their performances.

Oktoberfest will also welcome DJ X, a class of 2016 graduate of EWU, who will create an additional soundtrack for the evening. This is the third Oktoberfest for DJ X, now a resident of Seattle.

“It’s fun coming back and seeing the campus,” said DJ X. “When I visit, I usually end up at the bookstore getting EWU clothes. This time I want to go to the Roost.”

In addition to the music performed by the three guest musicians, the winner of EWU’s “Star Search” contest will have the opportunity to share their talent at the festival.

In keeping with tradition, the Oktoberfest dinner menu will match the theme of the evening. Offerings for the Beauty and the Feast dinner include the “Field of Greens” salad, a “Ratatouille” vegetable medley, and three entree options: “Analyze This (Fish)” salmon, “Chicken Little” chicken, or “Fried Green Tomatoes” and au gratin potatoes.

In the offices of the Dean of Libraries, King multitasks to get everything ready for Saturday’s event.

“We always rush around and stress the week before Oktoberfest,” said King. “But it always comes together.”

King explained the process of planning Oktoberfest, which begins the year before.

“We get started on the planning as soon as the event ends,” said King. “Right after this Oktoberfest, our committee will meet to decide the theme for next year.”

Oktoberfest is the EWU Library’s only fundraising event of the year. All proceeds go into an endowment fund to create a self-sustaining financial resource for the library.

“We hope the fund will reach $1 million,” said King. “Then every year we use the interest from the fund to purchase whatever EWU students need for the library.”

In recent years, interest from the fund has supplied equipment, resources and Spanish-language books.

“The needs of our students vary all the time,” King said.

Oktoberfest will take place in the JFK Library. Doors open at 5 p.m. on Oct. 28. Tickets may be purchased at the door, but those wishing to purchase a table must reserve one ahead of time.

Additional information is located on the EWU website.