All offense at EWU football Pro Day

By Grace Pohl, Staff Writer

Pro Day came to EWU on April 1. Four former EWU football players were a part of the testing for professional football scouts, with offensive linemen Clay DeBord and Aaron Neary being the main attractions.

Scouts tested speed, agility, weight-lifting, height and weight, among other measurements. The main outcome these players hope for are possible professional football opportunities with the NFL Draft in late April as well as free agent possibilities.

DeBord came in at 302 pounds and 6 feet 6 inches. He has a school-record of 51 games played at EWU. “It was good, and I definitely had a good experience and put up some good numbers,” said DeBord. “Hopefully I showed well and I did a good job for the guys watching. I was happy. If I get drafted, I get drafted – if I don’t, I don’t. I’m just going to work my tail off and try to earn a spot on a roster – that’s the plan. Whether I get picked up via the draft or free agency, it doesn’t matter. I’m just hoping to get an opportunity.”

Neary was a two-time All-American and All-Big Sky performer in his career at EWU. He benched 225 pounds with a total of 26 reps and measured in at 6-foot-3 while hitting 301 pounds on the scale.

“Bench is what has gone up the most, and I thought that would be one of my better tests for sure. My goal was to get two more reps on top of that, but I can’t complain about 26. It was a huge improvement from three months ago when I couldn’t even do 20,” Neary said.

“I’ve been training for three months and building to this,” said Neary. “I think it went well in the end – it’s an experience of a lifetime. I think I did well and I was confident, so we’ll see where that takes me. If I can just get an opportunity I know I’ll make something happen.”

In addition to DeBord and Neary, offensive lineman Cassidy Curtis, weighing 308 pounds with a height of 6-foot-6, was at Pro Day. The 2015 graduate completed 25 reps in the bench press.
From EWU’s 2014 team, running back Quincy Forte took part in Pro Day. He improved in all of his marks from last year’s Pro Day. He measured at 5-foot-10, 194 pounds, with an improved time of 7.01 seconds in the cone drill, compared to his 7.13 last year.

The 2016 NFL Draft takes place April 28-30.