Mr. and Ms. Eastern crowned into royalty

Homecoming pageant winners recognized for talents, charity work


Photo by Anna Mills

Sapna Basy, sophomore, was crowned Ms. Eastern alongside Bryce Dressler, sophomore, who was crowned Mr. Eastern on Oct. 27.

By Ayanna Fernandez, Staff Writer

Eastern hosted its annual Mr. and Ms. Eastern Pageant on Oct. 27, crowning two new students.

Chairperson Mike Cardenas, chairperson for Eagle Entertainment, said the pageant started in the 1940s and has been a tradition at Eastern since, as well as how beneficial the pageant is.

“I think the biggest significance in the pageant is having Eastern students represent Eastern” said Cardenas. “We have [Mr. and Ms. Eastern] participate in parades to help represent the school.”

In Showalter Hall auditorium, the pageant commenced at 6 p.m.

There were 15 contestants who took the stage, ready to perform and showcase their talents in front of a full audience consisting of judges, friends and other students.

The first round of the pageant, each contestant was asked to explain to the audience why they chose to run for Mr. or Ms. Eastern and share the charity projects they have been working on, what they wanted to work for and what organization or group sponsored them to participate in the competition.

For the second round, each contestant had to answer a random question selected by an audience member to their best potential.

Left to right: Madison Azim; Michaela Morse; Sapna Basy, Ms. Eastern; Bryce Dressler, Mr. Eastern; John-Henry Woodward; Kyle Hamlin.
Photo by Anna Mills
Left to right: Madison Azim; Michaela Morse; Sapna Basy, Ms. Eastern; Bryce Dressler, Mr. Eastern; John-Henry Woodward; Kyle Hamlin.

The final round was the talent segment of the competition. Many contestants danced, some sang a song, recited poetry and a few even did comedy.

After all the performances from the contestants were done, the judges exited the auditorium to cast their votes. When they returned, they announced the winners.

Senior Kyle Hamlin took third runner up for Mr. Eastern. Madison Azim, a junior, took third place for Ms. Eastern.

Sophomore John-Henry Woodward took second place for Mr. Eastern and senior Michaela Morse took second place for Ms. Eastern.

The title of Mr. Eastern was given to sophomore Bryce Dressler, and sophomore Sapna Basy won the title of Ms. Eastern.

Both winners said the title meant a great deal to them.

“It means a lot,” said Dressler. “It adds even more motivation to further better the community and myself.”

Basy jumped for joy with a big smile across her face as her name was called for the title.

“This title means the whole world to me. I never thought a five feet girl could win the crown,” Basy said. “It’s not about your height or figure anymore, it’s about your talent and how much joy and happiness you can bring to the public.”

Cardenas said the title comes with responsibilities and duties the winners must uphold.

“They have to help and represent Eastern at some events on campus,” said Cardenas. “They have to represent Eastern at some parades throughout the year.”

According to Basy, the competition was more than just winning a title.

“I believe platforms like this are an effective way to raise awareness to social issues and problems that need attention,” said Basy.

Dressler said the pageant presented him with many opportunities.

“I left after high school and joined the military and now that I am back,” said Dressler. I don’t know a lot of people. The things I have done have helped me kneel on new people and I think this will help me kneel on new friends.”

Dressler said he has plans to better the campus too.

“The campus is already really involved and everyone is very spirited,” said Dressler. “I love being involved with the student body and the people, so I really want to amplify it even more.”

According to Basy, she is going to do her best to be a perfect reflection of a person to represent Eastern and continue to grow as a person.

“[The pageant] was awesome,” Basy said. “It gave me everlasting memories as I won; nothing could be better than that. Now, this will inspire me to work hard each and everyday of my life.”