‘Battle of the Balls’ tournament puts Dodgey Style against Team Ramrod


On May 8, 2014, EWU students competed in a dodgeball tournament to celebrate the URC’s sixth birthday. Photo courtesy of the URC

By Kailee Dunn, Eagle Life Writer

“Dodge, dip, duck, dive and dodge,” is all one needs to know when playing the game of dodgeball, according to the movie “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.”

Students took this message to heart on May 8, when participating in the first ever URC dodgeball tournament. The event was thrown in celebration of the University’s Recreational Center’s sixth birthday.

Two teams participated in the event, Dodgey Style and Team Ramrod.

While Dodgey Style came out victorious after winning three of five rounds, both teams had a good time.

“We weren’t really expecting to win. We just decided to have fun with it, so we made all of our T-shirts and we decided to have nicknames for each other,” said Levi Simmons, team captain of Team Ramrod.

Team Ramrod was dressed in white T-shirts decorated with aviator sunglasses and black mustaches on the front and nicknames on the back. The team consisted of Simmons, whose nickname was “Hoss,” Santa Wiedmer as “Tiny Tina,” Jenna Lakewolf as “Olga,” Andrew Bellach as “Butt head” and Brett Scott as “Fawks.”

Making up team Dodgey Style were EWU students Alex Pond, Armando Bendito, Drew Cowbrough, Cornelius Ketcham, Jenny Andres, Stefan Green and Paden Osterlund.

Team Ramrod took the first round and fourth round of play, leaving Dodgey Style with rounds two and three.

The final round came down to a head-to-head duel between Scott from Team Ramrod and Dodgey Style’s Pond. Scott attempted to dodge one of Pond’s throws and retrieve a ball, but he unexpectedly tripped and fell to the ground. Pond took his chance and hit him with another throw to finish the game and win the match.

“I can rest peacefully in my grave now, knowing that I won a dodgeball tournament,” said team Dodgey Style captain Ketcham after winning the final round.

Ketcham said he and his friends play whenever they can.

According to EWU senior and URC special events coordinator Michaela Barich, the URC has never done anything like this for their birthday.

“I wanted to come up with an event that would get people involved, get them out to the basketball courts and we came up with dodgeball. We wanted to do something different that no one had ever done,” Barich said.

Despite the fact there were only two teams, Barich said she was pleased with how it turned out.

“I think it’s an event that will grow as time goes on. I would like to see it continue, if it’s dodgeball or not. I think we will try and do some type of sporting event on our birthday,” said Barich.

Prizes, given to the first place team included swag bags of a frisbee, a T-shirt and a water bottle courtesy of Eagle Entertainment, dinner for six from Rokkos and dinner for eight and bowling from Rosa’s Pizza.