KnowMads and the Good Husbands bring rhythm and good vibes to students

By Al Stover, Eagle Life Editor

Al Stover/The Easterner
Tom Wilson of KnowMads performs on stage.

The sounds of rap music, claps and cheers echoed from the PUB MPR.

Eagle Entertainment presented hip-hop groups the KnowMads and The Good Husbands, who performed on campus, Feb. 1.

The KnowMads, who formed in 2006, are from Seattle and have released six albums and three mixtapes and have performed at over 200 shows, according to their Facebook page. They have also performed with musicians like Macklemore and Nappy Roots.

The Good Husbands, founded in 2010, are from Friday Harbor, Wash., and are looking to represent the Northwest.

According to event coordinator Nick Barr, Eagle Entertainment brought both groups to Eastern after receiving many requests by students. Despite the short amount of time for advertising, Barr was glad to see the excitement from the crowd.

“There’s a lot of things to do on a Friday night, but to come on campus and come to a concert shows great pride,” Barr said.

The Good Husbands opened the show and received an ovation from the group. During their last song, Tyler Hart, one of the group members and a former EWU football player, jumped off of the stage and was caught by the audience.

The Good Husbands enjoyed the energy from the group. According to band member Tyler Roberts, the group has been trying to come perform at Eastern because of Hart’s affiliation with the campus.

“We talked about doing this show for a while and, as we expected, it was an awesome turnout [and] great energy,” Roberts said.

Despite some of the audience leaving after The Good Husbands finished their performance, the KnowMads continued to entertain the crowd. Some of the audience who stayed were given CDs by the group.

The KnowMads ended the concert with their song,“ River Runs Deep,” with fans singing along. For fan Hanna Fleming, whose brother opened for the KnowMads in October 2012, the highlight of the concert was getting a free CD and meeting the group.

“He signed it and asked for my full name,” Fleming said. “It was [great].”

After the show was finished, the KnowMads signed CDs and posters and took pictures with the audience.

For KnowMads members “Pepe” and Tom Wilson, it was a chance to meet some die-hard fans.

“It was a good show,” said Wilson. “The Good Husbands, they killed it too. I guess we’ll have to come back now.”

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